The Social Network Mind Boggle


A day of street vending.

A day of street vending on Venice Beach.

During the summer of 2005 I jumped aboard the internet sales explosion and in a leap of faith quit my public sector day job.   I invested in a wireless laptop, a 4 megapixel digital camera, a $750.00 website (or should I say webstake) purchased with a wholesale buyer membership [the photo is my day of street vending],  and all the office supplies I could think of.

In my endeavor to keep up with the e-commerce vibe, I got a blog site.  The primary goal was to enhance my internet presence and lead buyers to my online retail shop.

I was utilizing a social networking venue to tell potential customers about my company policies.  Bzzzzz

It’s been nearly six years since I launched that campaign… to make money through online sales.  Today I’m still looking for ways to succeed as an Entrepreneur and I invite the world to follow me on this  journey.

The internet is like a river flowing round and round with outlets everywhere.  I want on that river experiencing all it has to offer, which today is  Social Buzzzzzz.

This blog is on,  FacebookDigg, DeliciousStumble-Upon,  and many more.   3/5/11kld


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Awesome 🙂 Great courage you got on there to make that big step! God bless you xx

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