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Internet Dictionary For Beginners. 
Important first words for building your online presence and experiencing the social network buzz.

 A one page list of common start-up words with hyperlink definitions from  and Wikipedia.

Community Invitation: Please use the comment option to suggest more helpful definitions.    


Quick Reference Guide

For New Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Social Networkers


Most of these definitions are from:
Affiliate marketing
Chat room
Domain name ($$)
E-commerce site
Niche    (Wikipedia Definition)
RSS Feed
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
Social Media
Tags/Tag Cloud
Web 2.0
Web traffic
Whitepaper (aka freebies) (Wikipedia Definition)



The Social Network buzz is so mind-boggling that I had to build an organized chart to get a clear and precise picture of how mine is coming along.

The chart shows that my networking began years ago when I created an email account. That same email account is alive and well and is how I am able to join the different social platforms.

Next came Facebook which is an awesome place to hang out.  I love looking at my friends and family’s photos and profiles.  I enjoyed the farm games for some time until I decided to choose one favorite (Sorority Life) and forget the rest.

The final nudge came when I signed up for a Twitter account.  Having no idea what to expect or what to tweet,  I did some research and discovered the Social Network buzz.

Now I have three written blogs, an audio podcast blog, and a You Tube channel. I have joined four social bookmarking sites and may pull in a few more depending on how much time I have after managing and updating my blog content.

And finally, I have linked my various blogs to my Facebook and Twitter accounts which means my blog activity is automatically shared with approximately 200 people…and heaven only knows how many people each of THEM connects to.

Here is a .pdf link:  My Social Network org chart.

This at-a-glance document is a great way to keep user name and password information handy.  I printed a copy on card stock and penciled in my log-in data for each site and service.  I then laminated it for durability and keep handy for quick access and zero frustration.

A store's return policy

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Below is the Return Policy I used with my online sales listings.  Please feel FREE to cut and paste into your own listing template.

Also, please note that the language was not written by an attorney.  I encourage you to seek legal advice before adopting this verbiage to your return policy. But wait, there’s more

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By visiting this post in The Social Network Mind Boggler you have earned yourself a template for listing merchandise on your e-commerce website. Read the rest of this entry »

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