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Lesson Learned #4- The Importance of Content Management

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Do you have blogs and articles saved to your favorites because they have something worth mentioning or linking to in your own blog?  

I learned how important content management is when I realized I had tons of favorites, bookmarks, newsletters, and feeds … and no way of  knowing which ones might be useful in upcoming posts.

Not only was my email folder bombarded with subscriptions but my two browsers ‘favorites’ and ‘bookmarks‘ were completely different, with no content management whatsoever except automatic alphebitizing…maybe.

The first thing I did was Import all my bookmarks from one browser into the other.

Then, using my browsers content management abilities, I organized my links into topic based categories.

Now I am able to instantly read and review sites according to the topic I’m writing about making it easier to find blogs and websites with helpful and noteworthy content.

I also organized my email account so that my new subscriptions each have their own file which helps in keeping my Inbox clean.

When an email subscription has a cool article that I might want to use, I go to the articles URL and add it to my favorites.

As to content management websites, I enjoy using Pearls at which is user-friendly, graphically pleasing, and borderline game like fun.

But the quickest, most efficient, and most probable system for me is good old Internet Explorer organized favorites. 

 Here is a cool site with instructions on how to do content management within your Internet Explorer browser. 

Here is another cool content management site called .

Happy Organizing and Cheers to Content Management!

…………………..Honorable Mentions………………………

 Seeded Buzz:      Wealie    Check out this cool site that’s absolutely full of networking, marketing, blogging, and much more helpful, internet savvy ideas.

 For business promotionBetterflys a network site where you can advertise your service and get real referrals, leads, clients, and customers all for free.

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Kerry L Daley, songbirdgold on Twitter.


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Thanks for the mention Kerry.

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