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Lesson Learned #3 – Branding Strategy

Posted on: April 25, 2011

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Lesson Learned #3 – Branding Strategy

Social Networking is about making connections for the purpose of gaining knowledge, sharing knowledge, promoting products & talents, advocating, and more.

When I began my social network experience I learned that I needed a blog or a website to showcase what I have to offer.

I needed to link my blog or site to social network platforms (facebook and twitter) so that my blog entries automatically post to those accounts, and I needed to join some social bookmarking sites to see what others are blogging and selling, etc.

My branding strategy took careful consideration. I decided early on that all my interests and strengths could not be displayed on one blog site because I wanted my readers to choose which of my topics to explore because they were interested, not because it was pushed upon them.  So I created a separate blog for each of my topics.

Less is Best.

This was difficult because what I really want is to make money, which is done by selling a product or service.  But on the internet, products and services are everywhere. The competition is global, literally.

When I look at my motive in terms of money, I deflate quickly because I don’t have a tangible product and even if I did, there is no guarantee I will make enough sales to sing about.

But when I look at it with the intent to share my passions and offer something of value to others I get optimistic.

Internet Entrepreneurs need a branding strategy that  showcases and promotes.  We must build a following, develop a reputation, make friends, share information, do some good for some one, reach out and show ourselves, upstage ourselves with our own abilities.

In my face to face relationships, people want to hear more. There is no reason it can’t happen online with my internet relationships.

So I now have three WordPress blogs.  One that is for sharing useful information ( this one), one that showcases my poetry, and one that is moving in a spiritual and perhaps political direction.

Next, I have a Podbean site in which I display, share, and promote my vocal talent.  Plans for this site include the reading of novels and poetry that have entered the Public Domain. I have a few books and publications from before 1924 plus I’ve researched various sites for more exciting titles.  I want to read them aloud and audio post online for free.

My branding strategy includes:

  • Giving a separate blog site and title to each topic.
  • Creating on each blog a sidebar item promoting and linking to “My Other Sites”.
  • Having one handle or brand name that is all-inclusive: songbirdgold.

Now that I have my branding strategy in place, all the accounts set up, links displayed, widgets working, etc.  I am dealing with my next lesson learned (#4) which is how to stay focused on updating my blogs.

I need a best practice for organizing upcoming blogs and the content that I want to share, like a one page, fill-in style, checklist that includes keywords, links, attributes, quotes, and other noteworthy items.

I belief such a tool will help immensely because it has all the important blog details on one page. All I have to do is start writing without stopping to search articles and other content ideas.

Before closing I want to mention a valuable blog article that I read on SeededBuzz. The writer is Tara Gentile and the article is called ‘the art and business of crafting your online self.   Her article is an inspiration to me and was especially helpful in the drafting of this post. Thank you Tara. Market your blog at SeededBuzz

I hope this post has something usable for you and your online brand building strategy. I would really like to receive feedback so please Leave A Reply or better yet, subscribe to The Social Network Mind-Boggle.

In closing, here are some articles written by WordPress bloggers that offer good information and food for thought on the topic,  brand strategy.


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