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Lesson Learned #2 – My name is bucket and I say “____.”

Posted on: April 17, 2011

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STOP! BREATHE! Don’t panic. Slow down to go faster. Regroup. Stop procrastinating. Fear not. Have faith. Relax. Breathe…

I spend hours reading and bookmarking other people’s blogs and websites so that I can share the benefits and processes of effective Social Bookmarking but all I’ve gained is a big giant feeling of inadequacy. 

Whew! OK.  Thank you for listening. I needed to put that out there because I suspect that I am not alone. 

Having said all that I remember a lesson about the root of all anger (such as throwing in the towel on this blog due to anger/frustration at myself):

Anger is really fear in disguise. 




I’m frustrated because I don’t want to lose the Followers I have on Twitter.

So I get back to basics. I review my mission statement for this blog and see that my intent is to share my journey into Social Networking. I did not promise to give tips for search engine optimization or how to write content. I did not attempt to make money online or develop quick tools for social bookmarking.  I simply want to get on board the Social Network buzz and invite the world to watch my progress.

Here goes: I  discovered a social network site called The Seeded Buzz and it encourages bloggers to interact with each other and promises increased traffic to your site.

Like any good networker, I signed up and now begin the process of  buzzing my fellow bloggers. What’s the point of signing up if I’m not going to partake and benefit somehow?

  Pavarti – Overwhelmed: 8 Ways to Handle the Chaos.

The author provides valuable tools and insight into solving the overwhelming chaos that incoming Social Networkers must wade through as they learn the ways and means of managing the buzz.

Thank you Pavarati for giving me permission to feel overwhelmed.

Thank you Seeded Buzz for accepting me into your club and helping me find something to write about.

Thank you readers (or should I say writers) for viewing my blog. I hope that you find something helpful in my content.

Thank you to all the contributors whose content I have included in Related Articles, below.

Thank you WordPress for offering Free blogsites. Without your gracious hosting I would not be writing and publishing this blog.

Thank you to my mom and dad………enough already!

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You’re welcome dear 🙂 I’m glad my post helped you!

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