The Social Network Mind Boggle

Walks like a niche, talks like a niche, must be a niche.

Posted on: April 5, 2011

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In researching niche ideas I came upon a  study by Deloitte Center for Life Sciences entitled:

  to friend or not? New insights about social networks in the life sciences industry.  

As I read the publication I kept thinking  “here’s an opportunity”,  “here’s an unchartered market” , “here is a large professional population that has not jumped on the social networking buzz.” 

It seems to me that if most life science professionals are not on Facebook and/or Tweeting, a little education and encouragement might be all that’s needed to get them going.  

Luckily, I have personal knowledge into why such professionals are leery, not falling for it, or uninterested.  I have a dear friend who is a practicing chiropractor. I looked her up recently in search engines and was unable to find her using a variety of search terms.

Finally I typed in her name and landed not on her website but on a medical network directory that included her office address and phone number only.  Apparently practitioners need to join the directory to update their profile. hmmm.

I then typed in her url and made a quick exploration of her business website. The thing I noticed most was its lack of social networking links.

I spoke with my friend, a life science professional, and asked why she wasn’t doing any social networking. I quickly found out that she considered  ‘the little social media icons  disruptive and annoying’.  

So to all you internet entrepreneurs looking for a target audience, here is a large group of potential customers for Social Network set-up…an  unchartered market brimming with possibilities.

Read the Deloitte Research Paper in .pdf:  us_consulting_tofriendornot_010611


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