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My Return Policy for drop-shipped merchandise

Posted on: December 22, 2006

A store's return policy

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Below is the Return Policy I used with my online sales listings.  Please feel FREE to cut and paste into your own listing template.

Also, please note that the language was not written by an attorney.  I encourage you to seek legal advice before adopting this verbiage to your return policy.

Check out my old ‘online store advertisement’ at My Live Expo Brand New Merchandise Sales Listings   . This, my friends, is also available to cut and paste and use in your internet retail store.  FREE!

Last but not least, WordPress recommended a great article written by Sara Kessler in Mashable  with lots of good tips for starting an e-commerce website. Check it out here.

And remember, if you want success through excellent social networking skills, leave the author a ‘comment’ and Like the ad. 

In fact, I need to get over to Mashable and do the same.


Our Return Policy

For items damaged during shipment, please follow UPS established procedures. Doing so will help with organizing a successful claim.

For replacement or exchange, item  Buyer ships item to Seller within 30 days of delivery.

Buyer pays return shipping & incurs a 20% restocking fee.

Return the item in its original inner packaging,  free from fading, marks, knicks, tears, odor, breakage, etc.

Any returned item that appears used or improperly stored will
not be exchangeable.


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